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Y Eau de Parfum

The fragrance of those who dare to ask themselves "Why not?"

A woody and clean fragrance. The scent of self accomplishment. ... Read full description


Y Eau de Parfum

Y Eau de Parfum

The fragrance of those who dare to ask themselves "Why not?"

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Y Eau de Parfum, a seductive interpretation on the iconic Yves Saint Laurent white t-shirt and black jacket. It is a bold and woody men's fragrance. The juice is embodied by the Y signature scent with sophisticated notes of sage and geranium.

A cool-hot masculine scent matching crisp radiance and addictive intensity captured in an already iconic bottle. The bottle’s striking design reflects the fragrance’s edgy masculinity and contrast of darkness and light. Sliced through by a notch that reveals the shape of a bright metallic Y, the bottle is strong, heavy and elegant. Its sharp edges are defined by an intense dark black fade-out which gradually gives way to clear glass. A totem and a tribute to modernity and creativity, it’s a powerful object, that gives you the power. So, take on the challenge.


At the top of the scent is a zingy olfactive explosion of bergamot and ginger – the freshness is intensified by a fruity apple accord. Sitting beneath is a green breeze of sage and juniper combined with the menthol sportiness of Geranium essence and absolute, The background of the scent affords Y Eau de Parfum its masculine strength, with the intensity of amber wood playing off against nots of olibanum and Tonka bean.

EDGY. The scent opens with a chill splash of crunchy green apple and sparkling bergamot, with a bracing bite of gin-cool juniper berries.

YCONIC. In the heart notes, y eau de parfum blends the quintessential fougère ingredients with facets of mint, litchi, lemongrass and geranium, the tougher brother of roses. It also blencd lavender, the scent of clean for millenniawith ambery clary sage and almond-scented coumarin to balance out the aromatic accord with their warmer, sexier tones.

WHITE. In a bold move for a masculine composition, dominique ropion boosts the cool lavender-geranium combo with the crisp, fresh-ironed shirt scent of aldehydes, illuminated by a cool-hot flash of lemony ginger.

BLACK. Introduced in the top notes by elemi – a resin with pine, lemon and incense facets --, the mysterious, mineral accents of olibanum add their dark signature to y eau de parfum. Underscored by the deep bass thrum of smoky vetiver, a sensuous woody ambery base amps up the scent’s powerful radiance. Screen reader support enabled.

Top Notes:

Middle Notes:
Geranium, Sage

Base Notes:
Sensual Wood


Y Eau de Parfum
Y Eau de Parfum
Y Eau de Parfum


Daring, determined, cool and charismatic, always pushing back boundaries. And above all, the constant drive for self-accomplishment, Lenny Kravitz is the very embodiment of Y's values. Because he's always ready to meet any challenges. Going higher. keeping every path open.

In this new campaign, Lenny Kravitz shares with us his own story. That moment when he asked himself and the world: WHY NOT?

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